East Atlanta Strut

The EAV Strut is a non-profit neighborhood festival organized completely by volunteers. Each year we have about 10,000 attendees. This year I was in charge of EAV Strut Social Media. I was able to increase engagement & reach by over 4000%. I created graphics to promote the festival and urge people to volunteer. I also…


This Home Depot initiative on the app provided a fun surprise and delight for customers in the month of January. I designed about 10 stickers (including racially diverse options where applicable) that people could use for selfies or photos within the app using our existing “See it in your home” technology. I also designed the hero…

Home Depot – Full Pages

I have designed and built many Home Depot pages. Each week, I also build the home page at http://www.homedepot.com. Each tablet, mobile and full web page is designed with the medium in mind. In June 2015, I created a Superhero-themed Father’s Day home page concept.  I worked with a team of designers, copywriters & analysts to flesh…

Home Depot – Infographics

One of my new initiatives at The Home Depot was to create infographics that are easy to read, informative, and follow brand standard without looking exactly like the website as a whole. We accomplished this through the use of color, brand-standard fonts & a consistent feel.We also created a popular quiz style infographic which was…

Home Depot – Advertising

At Home Depot, we support different sales and offers on different parts of the site. Below are a few examples of what I’ve done.

Juice Lab

Juice Lab is a make your own juice spot in California. This logo uses green & orange for a fresh feeling and plays on the lab part of the name with a beaker.

Branding for Permaculture Farm

Fallbrook wanted a complete branding package and visual design standards including an infographic that could be turned into a couple of flyers for them to hand out and create  awareness for their farm & permaculture in general.

Logo & Business Card Design/Branding

The client is a collective.  I designed a modern and simple logo and card for them with an option to use either a transparent card or a double sided printed card.

Concept: Harry Potter Universe Rebranding

Let’s pretend Diagon Alley is under new management and insisting that every business update their logo for the new signage out front.  Here’s what those logos might look like.

Logo & App Design

The client wanted a logo and splash screen for a mobile app that helped people find services, restaurants, hotels, and taxis near them.  For the color scheme, I chose the blue iPhone 5s color and a logo that looks good with flat design but still pops.

Web Design Mockup

The client wanted a webpage that’s home page was a landing page but that still led any prospective customers to look around.

Memphis Jams Logo

Memphis Jams on Beale Street is a free concert series in Memphis, TN.

Business Cards for Make up Artist

The client was a makeup artist who didn’t really have a direction she wanted to go in for the card.  I found a fair use photo of a made up eye, and applied a really neat effect over it to make her name look like it was UV printed.  This slanted name & info can…

Email Template

This email template was inspired by the rainbow colors in the logo and follows all best practices for email templates.