I’ve Been BOOed!

BOOing is a fun Halloween game. Basically you make or buy a treat for a few neighbors, deliver it anonymously & they pass it on!

This year, I have signs for you guys as well as some cute treat labels!

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 6.42.19 PM
Printable BOOing Signs!


I’ve been BOOed. What do I do?
1.) Color & put the BOOed Sign that was delivered with your treat on your door.
2.) *optional* Make at least one treat bag/gift basket/tray o’ goodies & pass the BOO along by Halloween Day. Make sure to include the BOO Note & BOOed Sign.
3.) Deliver anonymously to a friend or neighbor & spread some Halloween cheer.

How do I start a BOO chain?
1.) Print out two copies each of the note & sign. (Feel free to do more!!)
2.) Purchase or make 2 two treats, and deliver a copy of the note, a copy of the sign & a treat to two different neighbors or friends anonymously.

What is BOOing?
BOOing is a fun game that adults and kids in this neighborhood play leading up to Halloween. It’s simple really. Print the BOO sheet and include it with a treat. Leave it on someone’s door step (who doesn’t already have a boo sign up), ring the bell, and Run Run Run!

Do I have to Participate?
Nope. You should not feel obligated to go out and BOO somebody because you have been BOOed. Some people don’t pass it on, others may choose to BOO many. What you do is up to you. It is all in good fun and should not be a burden.

How will the people I BOO get the sign to pass it on?
1.) They can make copies before they decorate.
2.) If they visit http://www.GalleriaByLeah.com which is at the bottom of each sheet, they will be directed to a page where they can download and print a new copy.

What treats Should I Give Out?
It can be anything you want! Cookies, Candy, Games, Toys, Stickers, Fruit, Apple Juice, etc. Some people make home made treats and other people give pre-packed treats. ProTip: The Dollar Tree is ripe with adorable BOOing gifts. In 2011 we painted wine glasses, and last year we made adorable Halloween soaps, so be creative and most importantly HAVE FUN WITH IT!! Here is my Halloween Pinterest board for inspiration.

EAV Version (.doc)
Non EAV Version (.doc)



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