Juice Lab

Juice Lab is a make your own juice spot in California. This logo uses green & orange for a fresh feeling and plays on the lab part of the name with a beaker.

Logo & Business Card Design/Branding

The client is a collective.  I designed a modern and simple logo and card for them with an option to use either a transparent card or a double sided printed card.

Concept: Harry Potter Universe Rebranding

Let’s pretend Diagon Alley is under new management and insisting that every business update their logo for the new signage out front.  Here’s what those logos might look like.

Logo & App Design

The client wanted a logo and splash screen for a mobile app that helped people find services, restaurants, hotels, and taxis near them.  For the color scheme, I chose the blue iPhone 5s color and a logo that looks good with flat design but still pops.

Memphis Jams Logo

Memphis Jams on Beale Street is a free concert series in Memphis, TN.