East Atlanta Strut

The EAV Strut is a non-profit neighborhood festival organized completely by volunteers. Each year we have about 10,000 attendees. This year I was in charge of EAV Strut Social Media. I was able to increase engagement & reach by over 4000%. I created graphics to promote the festival and urge people to volunteer. I also…

Home Depot – Full Pages

I have designed and built many Home Depot pages. Each week, I also build the home page at http://www.homedepot.com. Each tablet, mobile and full web page is designed with the medium in mind. In June 2015, I created a Superhero-themed Father’s Day home page concept.  I worked with a team of designers, copywriters & analysts to flesh…

Logo & App Design

The client wanted a logo and splash screen for a mobile app that helped people find services, restaurants, hotels, and taxis near them.  For the color scheme, I chose the blue iPhone 5s color and a logo that looks good with flat design but still pops.

Web Design Mockup

The client wanted a webpage that’s home page was a landing page but that still led any prospective customers to look around.

Email Template

This email template was inspired by the rainbow colors in the logo and follows all best practices for email templates.