Home Depot – Full Pages

I have designed and built many Home Depot pages. Each week, I also build the home page at www.homedepot.com. Each tablet, mobile and full web page is designed with the medium in mind. In June 2015, I created a Superhero-themed Father’s Day home page concept.  I worked with a team of designers, copywriters & analysts to flesh out, design & build my idea.  We’ve also created themed home pages to support the business for different events which you can see below.

Recently, we’ve moved to a completely live text home page to increase image quality and decrease page load time. I design with all aspects of the web in mind and strive to create visually interesting pages that are also a good user experience.


Published by galleriabyleah

Leah is an Artist & Designer in Atlanta, GA. Her influences include Caribbean, urban area, vintage, tattoo and classical art. She loves to paint Day of the Dead and comic-inspired pieces. She also designs websites, logos, promotional materials, menus & custom tattoos.